Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Letter from an Indian Girl to Indian Media on Sanjay Dutt issue

A Letter from an Indian Girl to Indian Media on Sanjay Dutt issue:
Dear Media,

Please do not make Sanjay Dutt a National Hero. He possessed 10s of Arms and hand grenades that Indian citizens are not supposed to. It goes beyond my imagination (should have) that if anyone need to keep 10s of AK-47 rifles and Hand-Grenade bombs for self-protection that too in India. Please Indian media do not make a saint out of a criminal, even though he is a celebrity.

Please don’t speak on your talk shows, about his contribution to Bollywood and Films (as if it a National service and a patriotic profession to work in ever denigrating Bollywood Industry), as by that Logic Big-B should have been allowed to massacre at-least 5000 Indians.

Also, he is not the only man in India who is being sent to Jail with a wife and small kids, many prisoners have wives and kids. In-fact once they go to jail the family starves whereas the Dutt family will still continue to stay at Pali Hill and travel in luxury cars.

Oh Media also do throw some light on how Sanjay Dutt was associated with "Congress Party" and Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Singh.

More importantly, stop interviewing Bollywood stars and, speak to those who lost their loved ones in the blast of 1993 and air their views as that will be the Truth.

Do not become a whore of enemies of India and Indians.

Warm Regards,
An Indian girl fed up with Media.


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